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I speak in kerning & leading, and I love details. I have eleven years of experience with design and brand identity, and I am a fair trade advocate. When I’m not designing, I’m probably lounging in my hammock with a glass of wine in-hand, tinkering with a new coffee roasting profile, or paddling on the lake.

Fuze Tea

User Interface

Fuze Iced Tea underwent a website rebrand in order to target their younger demographic. I worked along with a team of designers & was responsible for the mobile layout of the site. The brand's aesthetic is fresh and vibrant.

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fuze iced tea mobile
hotel tonight email motion
Airbnb, Hoteltonight


Shortly after HotelTonight was acquired by Airbnb, HotelTonight launched a fall campaign to showcase some of its best boutique, Airbnb-esque hotels. The fall campaign included motion-inspired social media, UA and email.

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Invisible Children


This photo series celebrated the completion of 50 new water wells in a war-effected region of Northern Uganda. This was a part of a greater campaign to rebuild infrastructure in the northern areas of the country, after a 21-year war subsided.

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invisible children charity water photography
dr brokers packaging
Dr. Bronner's Soaps

Print & Packaging

I have extensive experience with packaging, branding, production & renderings with both Dr. Bronner's Soaps and Revlon Professional.

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